Solna Business Park

Solna Business Park

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The Solna Business Park city district is currently owned and managed by Fabege. In 2006, EnergyMachines™ began an upgrade and installation of the new energy center for the Sliparen quarter, part of the city district, on behalf of the previous owner, CLS Holdings. The property has a floor space of 21,000 sq m on five floors.

The objective was to replace district heating and cooling with a sustainable energy solution that could provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water for the property, while also installing a redundant heat and power system to cope with power outages.

New energy centre installation

A new energy center was designed and installed. Previous annual district heating consumption amounted to 2,300 MWh of heating and 700 MWh of district cooling, equal to energy consumption of 130 kWh/sq m/year.

The new center consumes 525 MWh of electricity, equal to 25 kWh/sq m/year.

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