Kungsledens Trekanten Complex

Kungsledens Trekanten Complex

Virtually eliminating CO2 emissions while increasing overall performance.

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At this office complex in Danderyd, Sweden, Energy Machines' integrated energy system provides 1.2 MW energy and completely eliminates the need to purchase district heating and cooling, while reducing its total energy consumption by 85%. The property, called Trekanten 5, includes 33,000 square meters with offices and restaurants.

The collaboration with Energy Machines began in 2017 with an integrated solution featuring our heat pump-based energy system. The system is programmed with Energy Machines' cloud-based control software, enabling operations to perform predictably with maximum efficiency. Total yearly energy consumption at Trekanten 5 has dropped from 118 kWh before installation to 20 kWh/m^2 post-installation, with the equivalence of 26 tons of CO2 emissions reduced per year.

“We have become turnkey contractors and have the opportunity to convert the building to be supplied entirely with fossil-free geothermal energy. It feels great that we have gained the trust of a major player in the real estate industry like Kungsleden, who firmly holds sustainability as a key value. With their strict requirements, we have developed something really good together, ” says Thomas Göransson, Energy Machines' business manager, Northern Sweden.

The heat pumps are connected via Borehole Thermal Energy Storage (BTES) where they pump down and pick up heat and cold from the ground throughout the year. The only energy supply required is electricity to power the pumps. Instead of paying for the energy three times in the form of cooling, heating, and electricity, it is purchased just once and then circulated and reused within the system. In this way, the installation can provide energy savings of as much as 3,300 MWh annually, calculated with heating, cooling, and domestic hot water. 

“This feels very good to us. As property owners we have a great environmental responsibility and it also goes hand-in-hand with financial benefits. We knew we had to find a new solution for cooling and that was one reason why we chose this system. The total energy consumption is greatly reduced. Since we buy green electricity, the environmental impact will be very low, ” says Sven Stork, regional manager for Kungsleden, Stockholm.

Energy Machines’ technology is flexible and can be adapted to most properties. Today, hospitals, spa facilities, offices, hotels, department stores, and residential buildings are supplied with heating, cooling, and ventilation. The growing awareness of the real estate industry's environmental impact causes customer inquiries to increase constantly and significantly.

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